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Pilates improves core strength and flexibility while balancing muscle tone to improve postural alignment. Through the use of controlled mindful movements on either the mat or Pilates equipment; Pilates benefits the whole body. Pilates is invaluable as a fitness regime, and an important adjunct to professional sports training and rehabilitation.


My mission is to bring about a positive, healthy change to each individual through the principles of pilates. Those principals not only engage the mind and body but also can affect a positive change in the way in which we live our daily lives.  Hopefully that change will permeate through their family and into the community.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Virginia Thomas and I am the owner of The Pilates Studio of Hood River.  I have been in the fitness field for 30 years now.  Wow has it been that long?  I was a fitness trainer and massage therapist for many years working with all ranges of physical abilities.  I worked with professional body builders and America's cup captains while living in San Francisco and when living in British Columbia I worked with Olympic mt. biking teams, and water polo teams.


My next stop on the map was Florida where I became a certified Pilates instructor with Power Pilates.  


I have been teaching Pilates for many years now and still find there is so much still to learn about the human body and movement. In this passion for Pilates I am always looking to find ways in which to help resolve injuries and challenges in the body through rehabilitative work and exercise as well as providing a safe place for clients.  It is a great pleasure to help people reach their goals whether it be creating more stamina for their sport of choice or to keep them moving pain free through their lives. My clients make it such a joy and I have made a great deal of friends along the way.


I now live in Hood River, where I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like bicycling, hiking, The beautiful Pacific northwest is a great place to live and play.  


I am so excited about the constant learning and growth of my life and career. 


I truly have been blessed with this life I have been given.


In Light & Laughter,

Virginia Thomas

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