Due to the covid 19 virus there have been some class schedule changes.

There will be no Classes on wednesdays 5:30pm, Thursdays 12pm&4pm, Fridays 12pm, Saturdays 9am until further notice. Thank you for your patience. 

Due to the Corvid-19 Virus The Pilates Studio of HR is closed till further notice.  

All is not lost as the studio is now offering online Pilates mat & private classes to keep you moving.

 For many of you Pilates is an integral part of your lives and with everything going on what a good way to destress, move, breathe and be able to interact with those in our community. 

Classes  are available for everyone Tuesdays 9am (Pacific Standard Time), Wednesdays 12pm PST and Thursdays 9am & 4pm PST. Please sign up online 30 minutes prior to class start times. Regular class cost is $10.  For more information on purchasing and accessing the classes please click here. We only accept Visa and MC.

If you are not working, have limited income or have a question please email to info@hoodriverpilates.com or call 541-490-0660.  We will be happy to send you a code for a free class or according to what ever you can pay. Hope to see you in class soon.  

TOWER Pilates

Tower Classes integrate Pilates mat work with the use of Pilates equipment to create a  strong core, muscle balance, and proper spinal alignment. 


Mat class blends muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and respiratory components to create a well-rounded fitness program with great health benefits.


Private & Semi-private   Classes are personalized  to meet an individual or small groups needs using the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair & more. 

"As a fitness enthusiast Pilates discipline has positively changed my body, and mindfulness.  This is especially true in how I perform in my daily living, and am able to keep a healthy active lifestyle. I love Pilates for it is an amazing and fun discipline that gives you the knowledge to learn to control certain muscles in your body.”

– Karen Cohn

This event is temporarily postponed till further notice.


“I have been taking pilates from Virginia for over 8 years.  I came to her with lower back pain and sciatica.  She was able to assess my individual needs and create supportive and flexible goals that improved the quality of my health. Through her amazing instruction and professionalism, I have been pain free and able to do all the sports I love!  Virginia's pilates instruction continues to be a very important part of my health and well being.  ”

– Jenny Vaglienti



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